Oil Breather

Memorial Day weekend we ran the Springfield Mile. Over 100 mph without letting off the gas for 12 laps(miles). I lost 12oz of oil in those laps. The CRF has a baffle system under the breather to separate the oil form the air being displaced. The YZF does not. We had no problems at the DelMar or Sacramento Miles, but their corners are tighter requiring the throttle to be on and off.

Anyway what I have done in the past was to put low density foam in the breather tower in the head. This help alot...till we got to Springfield.

My latest project is to attach a spigot to the filler bolt on the mag cover. Onto this I will attach an XR750 oil separator(basically a stem with 1/2 washers alternating up the shaft)and route it up to my empty airbox along side the breather hose from the valve cover.

Hopefully this will alieviate my breather problem. Although the problem has surfaced at only one track, I do not want to take the chance anywhere else. Tdub

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