Help with Starter Upgrade

I'm having my starter upgraded to the '04 version and following the great instructions on The old woodruff key does not appear to be on the replacement parts list. Is this true? If my old woodruff key is still ok, should I leave it alone? Thanks

Absolutely leave the key alone. Check your flywheel torque to 60 ft lbs. The fix has been well received by all the members that have converted. :thumbsup:

I was hoping you would respond. You are awesome!

Glad to be of help. TT is great! :thumbsup:

I like your bike set up in your signature. I just cant see buying a new bike every year when it takes a whole year to get all the parts for a new model year out to get the bike where it rides fantastic. I am waiting for 2006/7 fuel injected WR500! I wonder if JD is going to make a fuel chip or software for programming a fuel injection chip? :awww:

Thanks, Indy. I love the bike - it's like a second childhood for me. I agree with you about keeping the bike for awhile. I've put way too much $$ into mine to get another bike any time soon. BTW, I grew up in southern Michigan farm country (probably similar riding to Indiana) as a kid and rode a 2 stroke Yamaha 125. I had a bad spill in January on the WR and completely separated my shoulder, which required surgery and 3 months of recovery. It's now the off season here in SoCal - so I'm getting the bike ready for next fall. Regards!

I was hoping you would respond. You are awesome!

Yeah, Indy's the MAN! Can't wait to be schooled by him in Moab in October... :lol::awww::lol::thumbsup::lol:

Dave, I thought we were going riding in Moab? Only way I can school you is if we gernade an engine and have to do a rebuild out there. :lol: I have seen your impressive riding on your web site! :thumbsup: That is why I am going to learn from the master. :awww:

I think you're going to be disappointed... :thumbsup:

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