110 octane?

I baught some 110 octane fuel, and my question is will this hurt the bike? The factory manual calls for a minimum of 95 octane. I have always ran Amoco gold 93 octane with no problems, but ever since BP baught them out, i can't find the gas as rich as before. Always before I could smell the richness of the fuel burning. So I went to a local stockcar track here in TN and bought some 110 octane fuel. I have only ran a 1/2 tank of it and it runs great and very little popping on deceleration. I just don't want to burn the piston or anything. what do you guys think?

It will not hurt the bike. I have been running race fuel for most of my bike's life. If you jet correctly, you will greatly appreciate the consistency of the fuel.

Octane numbers are tp prevent engine knocking(pinging). The important consideration for the 400/426 is the distillation curve. As mentioned above, jetting accordingly yields the overall best and most satisfying results.

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