oil strainer

my oil strainer isnt unscrewing. i dont know if it supposed to or what. anyone have any ideas as how i should get it out of the frame?

When you say it isn't unscrewing, do you mean that you can't break it free, or that it spins, but doesn't thread out? You should be trying to remove the right (throttle side) fitting from the frame/oil tank.

i couldnt break it free. not a big deal. im gonna break it free when i change my oil next time

I took it out the first oil change, and there was no signs of anything in there. I don't know how often people are actually cleaning this thing?? :thumbsup:

I have taken it out twice now, and the bike has been ridden for about 65 hours. I plan to take it out at about 80 hours the next time.

i talked to my friend and he said that it wasnt a big deal that i take it out and clean it.so ill do it in a while.

Never could get mine off. I was told not to sweat it. :thumbsup:

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