oil filter cover tap size

While we're waiting for the flood waters to subside :) I figure it's as good a time as any to fix the oil drain bolt threads on my oil filter cover. Does anyone know what size tap to use on those threads? I'm going to try to clean the threads before I try the helicoil route. :D

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6mm 1.5 pitch

For a double check "mesh" the bolt threads against the tap threads to see if they line up.

Well @*^!, the tap+die set I just picked up at Sears with "standard metric sizes" has 10 taps, and the only 6mm is 6x1.0.. Oh well, guess I'll have to buy them one at a time. :)

While you're here, does anyone know the size of the threads for the really long bolts that hold the gas tank to the frame? :D

I just had to fix the threads in my oil filter cover drain bolt. I used a Time-sert instead of a heli-coil. It was better for 2 reasons. (1) it's a solid insert, not a single coiled wire. The kit had the right drill bit, tap, and insert tool. I was impressed with it. It said use a lubricant when screwing in the insert. I did... a red locktite lubricant :) (2) look carefully and you will see an oil passage coming in at an angle that will get blocked off when you put an insert in. After installation, I re-drilled the passage through the back of the insert. I would think if you did that with a heli-coil, it would break the single coil into 2 different halves. Not sure what the effect of that would be, but it's not a problem with a solid insert.

Be sure to take the cover off, so you don't leave threads & shavings in the motor. It was easier than you would think. Leave the clutch quick cover on... gotta take 2 bolts out of it, though, kick starter off, 2 oil lines will move enough, just unbolt, leave the radiator hoses on... just unbolt the cover & pull outta the way, leave the exhaust alone... remove brake pedal bolt & she's ready to do it! Took me all of 15 minutes to get the whole side of the motor off. Get a inch pound torque wrench. All those cover bolts only torque to 86 inch/pounds! That's nothing to a man with a ratchet in his hand.... hahaha

Good luck & you can do it!

Originally posted by sirthumpalot:

While you're here, does anyone know the size of the threads for the really long bolts that hold the gas tank to the frame? :)

SirThump - When you go back to Sears, 2 words- torq wrench.

:D Just giving you some trouble.LOL I've over torqued too.

I'm with Fireball on this...I did the same & have never had any problems since. The helicoils have a tendency to break if your trying to fix the allen head bolt - female threads. Also buy a new allen head bolt as yours is probably distorted.

Thanks for the tips! The engine cover sounds easier to remove than I thought, and if I end up rethreading I'll get the tine insert instead of a helicoil, good tip. :) My bolt actually died as a result of metal shavings in the threads from that little oil drain hole. I tried to get them all out with a q-tip, but had no luck. When I put the bolt in it went in and torqued to 10Nm, but it didn't go in real easy so I know the threads are boogered a bit. It's time to clean the filter so I'm expecting the bolt to be pretty ugly when I take it out. I'm hoping to get away with only cleaning the threads with a tap+die (especially since the drain bolt is on back order), keep your fingeres crossed for me!

The best part is the time-sert covers the little drain hole. So the particles will never find their way to the bolt again.

Fireball your probably going to be sorry you drilled the little passage back into the thread. That little passage is what caused the problem of stripped thread the first time. Cross your fingers buddy. Getting that Tyme sert out of there with RED loctite on it is going to be a challege to say the least.

The TY Davis mod is to plug that little passage with a set screw.

My cover bolt has been in & out at least 50 times... it's an 01 model... I red locktited it cause I didn't want the insert to ever move. If I ever have problems again, I'll tap to the next size bolt. Was thinkin that when I did it. I ordered a new bolt & had it the next day. It was a whopping 53 cents. I'll keep an eye out for those shavings in that hole when I do my services. Thanx for the tip!

You better check again. If you are talking about the 6mm bolts, they will be a 1.0 pitch thread. I've never seen a 1.5 pitch 6mm bolt. That is really coarse, usually seen when you get up to about a 10mm dia bolt.

Please forgive me for the mis information. Newmann is exactly correct. I just looked at my tap. 6mm 1.0 That's what I get for relying on my memory.

I use the tap to clean the threads anytime that the bolt feels hard to thread in. If you force it in....it will strip. Even if your bolt is not stripped, it is good to have one of these taps on hand to clean the threads. This could help prevent the stripped threads.

Once again sirthump.....sorry for the mistake.

Yahoo, now I don't have to take the kit back to Sears. :) No sweat, we all make mistakes. I'm just glad I didn't get to it with the tap yet..hehe..


Had the same problem just before Memorial Day and was in a hurry to make it work (didn't pull the cover to fix it). That oil change, the drain bolt was hard to thread in and I did it anyways, then when I backed it out to check, found those dreaded crossed threads.

Ran a 6 X 1.0 tap in the case and ran the bolt through the die and everything's okay for now. I now take a Q-tip and cram it in the hole and then twisted it out to clean the threads. Mine's an '01 also. Did many oil changes before I had the problem. The time it messed up was when I leaned the bike way over on the exhaust side to try to drain out more oil.

Good luck.

I went to sears after about 8 beers, and got myself one of those 150+ piece tap and die sets. I had to have the beer to help me part with that much money on something I "thought" I'd never hardly use. I use that thing almost everytime Im out in the garage. Total life saver.

Especially when you buy a used bike. That was worked on by a heavy handed mechanic. I cant even tell ya how many helicoils my bike has on it. At least 5-6.

Someone else passed this site on to me and now I am "passing it forward."


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