How do I set my forks?

How do I set my forks? They were just revalved by procircut. I weigh around 180-185lbs. The forks are still bottoming out a bit. Could I just put 5mm of oil in my forks? will that help?

I would add a couple clicks of compression to see if that helps first, since it that is a little easier.

If they were just done by Pro Circuit than call them and have them help you dial it in.

I have the compression as hard as it could get. Will adding oil help?

Really, call pro circuit. They will tell you what to do. You shouldn't be bottoming, and you shouldn't have the compression all the way in.


All forks will bottom with enough force, but I'll have to assume what you are talking about is too far from the norm.

It's possible that during shipment that one or both of the forks lost their bleed - meaning that they sat upside down for so long that air has entered back into the cartridge.

You could remove the fork, then the springs, then work the compression rod up and down and perhaps check for resistance and/or bring them back to life.

Other than that, of course make sure your bleedscrews are in and tight, and that there is enough oil in each fork (assuming that they provided that).

I'm assuming of course that you have had this problem since you took delivery of the forks.

And yes, calling them is also a very good idea.

Let us know what you find.


Thats weird. I wonder if they did put oil in them?

Whell I put 5mm of 5wt fork oil in and then I was able to soften the compression and not bottom out!!! :)

Shameless plug, read Fork Oil 101. But call ProCircuit.

Good luck,


Revalved by ProCircuit.......but revalved for what? Motocross, woodsriding, what about rider ability A, B, C level, rider weight etc... Also what oil level did they fill to? You really have several issues to ask them about....did they modify the existing valve stack or replace with Gold valves or Procircuit to get this info, you paid them I assume for the work, this is very important info that you should have & record.

I put a new spark plug in and it stoped bottoming out :):D:D:D

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