Odometer Removal?

I want to get rid of the odometer on my 2002 WR426. How do I disconnect the cable, do I replace the current setup at the wheel with a spacer instead?

Your help is appreciated.

I think you can just pull the whole thing off, as long as you have something to stop up the hole where the cable goes into the wheel, don't want any dirt getting in there.

just unscrew it at the axle end and put a rubber plug over the threads. Works for me for 3 years now. Others swear by the YZ spacer - you apparently save about 1/8 of an ounce in weight !! :thumbsup::awww:

I took a bit of fuel hose about an 1" long and 'screwed' it over the thread on the hub, and secured it with a cable tie, then forced a ball bearing into the other end of the fuel hose and gave it a dab of sealant for good measure.

Barnums makes a billet wheel spacer for the WR426 and WR450 for about $30. They are different, so make sure you get the right one. I it is a good buy. It clean looking and it keeps the crap out of the hub. :thumbsup:

I just used a rubber vacuum cap you can buy at any auto parts store for less than a buck!

The rubber cap over or the YZ spacer. The YZ spacer makes the job really clean

C'mon guys, how do you put YZ spacer on WR hub :awww:

It's a good idea, but it is not working! Ask me how do I know :thumbsup:

I cut my old cable, took the little thing that bolts on the original spacer, put it with the thread up on a piece of paper and put some JB in the button to close the hole. This process is not on the bike as JB is going to enter...! You must degress it good before that so that the JB can have good adhesion(SP?)

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