I'll be in Calorado in July......

I will be in Colorado July 13 until July 23. I will be just south of Denver about 30 mile. I want to ride rampart on the 14th or 15 then again during the week once and on more time on the 22. My wife has a horse show up there for 3 weeks and I'll be shipping my bike up with her. From my understanding Rampart is about 63 miles long. I'm 35 and a descent rider, but this will be a very long ride for me.

Is anyone interested in hooking up or taking me around it. I don't think I want to ride it alone. (for saftey reasons) I would glad to treat you to dinner and throw back a few afterwards (on me Too). Has anyone ever timed how long it takes them and what there average speed was.

my email is barcello@autotester.com




01 WR426 WR timing, uncorked.

I think Rampart has more trails than 63 miles, it is not just one trail but a huge maze of trails that hook up in many directions. There are quite a few different routes to ride (riding a trail one way is completely different in reverse). It is best right after a rain and on the week.

boxster, I'll hook up with you and show you around Rampart and you wouldn't even have to buy me dinner. I'm cheap and easy. Let me know closer to the date. I can hook up with you for the weekend of the 13th but I'll be in Mich for the 500 the next weekend. So email me at nortondw@home.com as the time gets closer.

You'll love Rampart. Doug

I'll do that, thanks


looking forward to it



01 WR426 WR timing, uncorked.

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