Need 1 Spoke

I need one spoke for the rear wheel of a '99 YZ400F. Does anyone have one I can buy ?

I've got a couple you can have. You pay the shipping and it's a deal!

I've got a couple you can have. You pay the shipping and it's a deal!

Check your PM

DPW check your PM

Your turn Greg, PM

here's my e-mail

How about one front spoke for a 99 400?

I need a front spoke for a YZ426 front wheel. The local bike shop has told me they where going to order a set for their stock and sell me one, but I've already been waiting almost 2 weeks and they havn't ordered it yet. Been using a spoke from a friends YZ125 but he would like to ride that bike again sometime. Let me know if anyone can help. Thanks.


I should have some extras in the next week or so (front ones) and if you are still in need I would be happy to give you one. PM me your address.


PM me with you address for those front spokes.

CHARLIE I am also missing one front spoke and would be interested in buying one off you.I live in jersey too bergen can email me at eddiec103@aol.Thanks

I was reading these topic, and i check my baby, AND I NEED 4..!!! yes you read right... 4..!!

2 FRONT...!

2 REAR...!

Where do i live????? what am i thinking...!!!

Poor baby...!! :)

you guys are aware that a bike missing a spoke or two, as long as they arent right next to eachother? im sure you guys know that. I rode a supercross race and 3 hard practices on my personal track missing 2 spokes ont he front and 1 on the rear, it wasnt a problem at all. Of course it must be fixed, but it shouldnt stop you from riding in any way.

V Gorilla,

Yes, we know.

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