2003 250F

Has anybody been lucky enough to ride a 2003 yet. I just ordered one and I am looking to my first 4 stroke. I am looking for input on a aftermarket exhaust. Any input would help.



I just ordered one last week. When did they say yours would be in?


FMF Ti4 14" can .. SX Power Bomb Header ...


Will the 02 fmf stuff fit on the 03 models?

The muffler will because it is universal (the 14"/17" can is the same for all bikes) the header is up in the air and I would say the midpipe will definitely be different because of the new frame. My guess is that the muffler and header will be the same but the mid will be different. Oh and if you go with the FMF Ti4 definitely get the 14" can .. the 17" is almost longer then the rear fender :)


Ok thanks for the tip. Is the 14 super loud?


Its pretty loud. If you want to quiet it down some you can install the 1.5" insert, is just bolts in behind the std. 2" end cap.


They say that it will be in late August

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