How much from parting out 426?

I posted this question earlier, but cant seem to find the thread. Maybe it got deleted, who know... but I'll try again.

How much can I expect to get for a complete rolling chassis? I have an offer on the motor, and am interested in how much I could get for either selling the whole thing or how much I could expect from parting it out. It is an 00' Yz426. Pics of it are at

It has very low hours and everything is in mint shape.

Thanks in advance! :)


Looks like your post was moved to the for sale forum.

I was thinking the same thing about parting my bike out. I've had '99 YZF for sale forever and nobody has been interested in it. Looks like everybody want an '03 now.

Yeah, I just found it a few minutes ago actually. Someone moved it on me :)

I have talked to a couple people about it. Basically I have a guy interested in my motor for $2k... and have been told that I could expect at least $1500 for the rest of the parts on the bike. I hope that's true!

What are you asking for your 400? I am asking $3800 for my 00' 426, but havent had too many bites at all... :D

I'm asking $3700 right now. I really doubt I would part my bike out, but the thought entered my mind. I'm going to put it in the local paper this week and see what happens.

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