Freagen Computer problems!!!

Pieced together a new computer with the help of a friend. (Thanks Man!!!) wave.gif

He installed:

1.1 GHz AMD Duron Processor

256 Ram

Western Digital 40 Gigabyte HD

64 MB SDRRam BestData GeForce Video Card

Soundblaster 16PCI Video Card

Had another bud install the XP Professional Operating System

Problem is out of no where the mouse/pointer locks up and I have no recourse but to shut it down, by holding the pwr button down. Ctl/alt/dlt does not work or any other keys/buttons???

I’ve tried different mouse’s and it still happens although it seems to have gotten better. I’ve gone through the mouse properties/drivers etc. and two are offered. Not sure if it’s the right one or not, it’s generic and I have never had this problem before.

Would going and buying a new mouse with its own driver solve this dilemma?

Should I reload XP? Not sure if my old HD screwed anything up, after it would not transfer from HD to HD, we started over and wiped the disc clean, I hope.

Thanks in advance.

the mouse pointer freezing is xp bug.i think you can find fix here web page if its not there do windows troubleshoot search


What kind of motherboard is it? Who makes it? There is a known problem with Win2k/WinXP on certain motherboards with the Via (686B) chipset, which Athlon and Duron CPU's use. Were any of the parts used??

Some fixes are:

1. Changing the positions of your PCI cards.

2. Make sure you RAM is seated in the slots all the way. (no jokes you clowns! hehe). RAM could be faulty, too.

3. Make sure the heat sink is making full contact with the CPU core. Use thermal grease!

4. The power supply of the case could be faulty or not giving the proper amount of power. Too little power makes a PC do all sorts of wierd stuff.

5. Check ALL data and power connectors to make sure they are firmly seated.

Hope this helps you out.


Also try this:

It's a link to what's called a 4-in-1 driver. It's supposed to update certain drivers, etc. on Via-based motherboards that improve stability and fix other issues. The latest one is 4.37. Install this first and see if that helps.

try turning the air/fuel screw half a turn.

and downsizing the main jet,,,,hope this helps :)

LOL, I don't know if that will work on the carbs that come on a AMD Duron processor.

Check the AMD web site and the web site for your motherboard manufacturer. There are often patches to fix problems like what you describe with AMD systems. I write software all day and I can tell you that most software (including operating systems and drivers) is written and tested with Intel in mind with very little testing and debugging done for AMD hardware. The result is that AMD and related vendors are left writing their own patches to fix compatability problems. Good luck!

It could still be the mouse. Start at the easy spot and swap it out. If the mouse is faulty or has a short it will do you no good to do all the other things. Mice are very cheap as I'm sure you know. Just get a basic Microsoft Mouse for testing.

You could also have a bad PS2 port on your motherboard. These are usually the weakest points of a motherboard.

Another suggestion is to upgrade the motherboard bios. This should be done even if you aren't having problems.

All else fails, junk XP and get Windows 2000 Pro.

Let me know if you need any help with this stuff G-Man.

Just in case you don't remember meeting me -- I was the one who stalled my bike at Speedworld at the gate. Still appreciate the pit board messages you and Dave flashed at me.


Thx for the tips!

To start with I'm going with the Microsoft update. Downloaded it and said I had 14 updates! Pretty cool, I'll see if that helps and if not start with your suggestions.

Thanks, it's good to be back, so have I flamethrower.gif"missed" anything? LOL

I vote for 98SE or Windows 2000. XP sucks hard!

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