adjusting tps

has anyone tried moving their tps forwards of backwards to play with the mapping

I am afraid too. The factory instructions warn about messing with the position. :thumbsup:

I moved the TPS on my R6 and it made a noticeable difference in snap off the bottom. I followed the directions from a R6/R1 Forum how to post (sorry, I can't remember where it was :thumbsup::awww:).

It dosn't take much to change the TPS position. All I had to do was replace a security type screw with a standard cap screw and just rotate the TPS (clockwise in my case). Be sure to mark the original position first before you move or loosen anything! If you have a round hole instead of a slot where the bolt goes, you will have to grind it to an oval shape so it will clear the screw when you rotate the TPS. I think I only moved mine about 1/16th of an inch.

I never tried this on the WR so I don't know how similar the TPS/timing specs would be. Hopefully someone here with a little more electrical knowledge here could help out with that part.

Sounds scary! :thumbsup:

On the FZ1 I had everyone was doing what they called a dynamic TPS adjustment. What this entailed was idling the engine up to 3800 rpm and rotating the TPS until you got the highest engine rpm then setting the idle back to normal.

I have no idea if would help a wr or even be safe, but I ran my FZ1 like that for a while and it ran great...

On the FZ1 I had

Was this a good mod?? I have an FZ1 that I havn't done anything too but ride.

The best results with the dynamic TPS setting was with bikes that had an Ivans jet kit installed in them. That's when I had mine set that way.

You know, you almost sound like someone that doesn't visit the owners association...

I had an 03 Silver FZ1 with an Ivans jet kit installed and a CF Muzzy slip on. It was the perfect bike for me, but I decided it was too damn fast for now. I just sold it and as soon as Yamaha clears my credit, I'm having a WR450 shipped to me.

As for was it a worthwhile mod, it was on mine. After the modest mods I made, I could stab it at 3500 rpms and the front would instantly lift. I slammed third at redline a few times and spun the rear tire. The bike was an animal. I'm gonna miss it... :thumbsup:

Do some reading at the OA... Be sure to check Pat's pages for the mods and step by step how to do them. The link is on the upper right of the page. :awww:

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