Moderators: Please read.

I just noticed the thread started by 426sledgehammer has been locked. Why? From what I've read, the thread didn't get out of hand. All that happened was a little stirring the pot which is no grounds for locking a thread. Maybe I'm missing something but perhaps that thread should be re-opened? Why did you threaten to remove his posting privilage?


I am not a moderator so I am not speaking as one. It is obvious that Sledge is a Hit and Run driver. What good will come out of that thread?

I agree totally that the only intent was to stir up the crap and it doesn't look like he will be back. On the other hand, what good will banning him from the site or editing his posts (unless they are beyond reason) do? There are many people on this board that have gone way beyond what was said in that post yet they weren't edited or banned. I could give a rats hairy behind for 426Sledghammer but I don't like how the thread was handled. Again, if there was a mis-understanding and I'm not seeing the whole story, I apologize in advance.

When a moderator locks a thread, we usually leave a final explanatory message as to why, rather than sending PM's to all involved. Go back and read Bill's reply...

If you have an issue with moderation standards or moderators, you can easily contact any of us on the "back channel" by clicking on our names up the top on the left.



I think Bill did the right thing.

I also agree with Fireballsocal that the original posting was not really very far out of line.

I look at it this way. I think 426Sledghammer had a couple valid points. I also think he may have been purposely baiting a little and some of the resulting responses played into this. The thread was basically becoming stagnant anyway and any further responses would likely have just led to more infighting. Better to lock it up (note that it was not deleted).

Also, I don't think Bill is singling out sledge in his mild "behavior" warning so much as just reminding everyone that they have some responsibility for the content of their posts.


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There are posts way out of line that anyone could call. But many are objective. I have no problem with locking that thread, it was obvious that almost all responses were just rising to the bait. But I do have some appreciation for how it would be impossible to justify in concrete terms why some single responses stronger than any in this thread full of softer responses get locked. To paraphrase a Supreme Court justice, "I can't define flaming, but I know it when I see it."

Thanks for a thankless job,


Once again it looks like the members have "self moderated" this, going nowhere thread. Your right sledge, this is a great web site. However, if your only purpose was to "stir the pot". Your risking your user privelages.

I'm sticking a fork in this one!


I re-read it and what I get out of this is that if you "stir the pot", you will lose posting privilages and will basically be banned. Is this the case on this board? I, for one, enjoy a good flame every now and then. I don't think it hurts anything and can even create some very thoughtfull and posts.

Again, the poster on that thread doesn't matter but what does matter to me is that such action was taken against a harmless flame.

Originally posted by Fireballsocal:

I re-read it and what I get out of this is that if you "stir the pot", you will lose posting privilages and will basically be banned.

That ain’t what I read. I read that incessant flame baiting is “risking your user privileges.” I think you are exaggerating a wee bit.

One or two flame bait posts are okay, and entertaining, but not the purpose of this site. TTalk is so rarely moderated because most posters have constructive intent, and I certainly don’t want to see the waters (excessively) muddied with useless posts.

The post wasn’t deleted, just locked, because it wasn’t going anywhere and wasn’t even a topically relevant flame (an important distinction IMO).

My 2¢

Mark has a finger on it.

First and foremost I agree with you Fireballsocal. Sometimes the most heated discussions are ultimately the most productive. They certainly can add spice to a mundane droll.

On this particular post though, I think you have defined the deciding criteria pretty well yourself. The post was (at least in my opinion) not leading anywhere near inviting thoughtful or informative posts. In fact, the originator himself had already abandoned the "thoughtless" discussion.

The user was not banned and certainly has ample opportunity to post up any thought provoking viewpoints in another thread. I would hope that if he did, though, that he would put a bit of a different twist on it so that it may have the possibility of producing the results you have described. :)

I think you are right, DethWshBkr. That is actually a very significant factor that we aren't giving much consideration (though it has been touched on several times recently).

Maybe a big part of the uneasiness that has cropped up recently is really just growing pains and this is our way of helping to define what TT is becoming as it moves into the next level.

Kind of exciting if you look at it that way. :)

Personally, I believe John Q public is wildly over sensitive about just about every and anything these days. If someone calls you a name, so what. If someone throws a brick at you, literally, now thats worth fighting over. I can say this with absolute certainty, that no one has ever thrown a brick at me through my monitor. Now some folks have riled me good (ego) but so what!

The best part of this site is the extremely low signal to noise ratio. There is by far, more information here than smack talk. And thats good. There are plenty of other sights to go spout stupidity. One of the greatest things about this sight is, you CAN ask a stupid question, and get a serious answer. I think thats important for people new to the sport, and especially two stroke guys coming to fourstrokes. Lots of two stroke guys look at the carb on one of these things (thumpers)and go into a coma.

Then youve got morons like Ahamad the quad fraud, and a couple others that just want to stir the porta potty. Let'em stir somebody else's potty.

In reading all replies to this thread, I can appreciate the phrase "different strokes for different folks" and leave it be. Thanks for not jumping down my throat for calling you out.


there is nothing wrong with a little flame throwing once in a add a little spice to TT.if people dont like topic or responses they dont have to read it.moderaters should worry about people using foul language and posting nudity.pretty soon we will have to submit our topic to moderaters for review before it is posted on url.

I kind of feel that the moderator's jobs have quadrupled in the last year (as have the TT members).

When TT opened up, and when I joined early last year (like 2500 members at the time), it was a bit easier to pass up a potentially "offensive" thread or flame.

With nearly 11,000 members, someone is bound to take something too far. Chances are much less with 2500 than with 11,000. I would almost say it is a "preventative measure".

The more kiddies are on the playground, the greater the chance of injury, so the teachers have to watch closer and stop anything that could be potentially dangerous.

I know that's vaugue and not always the best thing, but in the current world of oversensitivity, and sometimes downright obnoxiousness, I can't say I don't understand.

As a moderator, I try to be tolerant, and I think the other moderators do as well. We appreciate the colour that different opinions bring to a subject, and I tend to let people figure out if they want to contribute, if they bite at the bait, or if they walk away from the post.

When a moderator steps in it is usually when 1. the personal attacks have escalated beyond reason, 2. the post is obviously going nowhere, or 3. when there is a predominant poster who has a history of not contributiing anything much except for fuel to the fire...

We are all different, and that what makes the world (and TT) interesting, but we also have to respect each other and the TT ethos. After all, We are all here for the one reason - 4 strokes!


could of been worse,,

could of been an informative thread,,,,then deleted

I’m Bacaaaaacccccckkkkkk

Hey I did no read the original thread, butts

Reading all of this, I get a sense that people are afraid of big brother getting a bit strict?

I would agree on a few levels, a good "GOOD" flame is good for getting people to think and get back to reality. If the flame is not blasting someone aka name calling, or getting into the orifices of ones body then I say cool.

If the flame is basically a shot below the belt ya stop it lock it and ban it, that crap is not needed here.

Well Any-hoot I also think a flame can be fun if done in a spirit of fun that brings the Thread back to the original posts, or makes fun at ones wit :D or lack of it.

May sound funny coming from me, but I see the importance of TT, and I have benefited allot form the wisdom and lack of also :)

The Moderators discretion of shutting down a thread is just that his/ hers discretion, after all look at it this way, have you paid any money to be here?

Have you contributed in the programming?

Are you willing to moderate under the rules "THE OWNERS" put forth?

We are using a system "TT" at the pleasure of the owners, that looked to fill a void for all of us that needed a place to share ideas and blast one another from time to time.

Outside of that I have no worries...

Actaully after finding and reading the post

That dude is a Joyick (Jerk In Jersy Talk)

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Ego Scmeego

Thought I would take out the Ahole

Its me the most popular guy on TT

Originally posted by E.G.O.****:

Ego Scmeego

Thought I would take out the Ahole

Its me the most popular guy on TT

I think you took out the wrong part.

Your spelling is WAY too good to be the original, and your wit is not even close.

What kind of troll would try to masquerade as someone else on a message board?

ok ya got me, I guess Iam not me

let me see how can I prove it............................................................................................................

Ohh I know!!!!


Look at Egos Web Site then Mine you tell me Hummmm


I just got back from vacation, I am still pretty mellow and not agrivated by stupid sheeple. Check back in On monday after 5 am, Some one should have P&^&%'d me off by then :)

I started using spell chk, and I have cleaned up me act some. unless ya want a peice of the ego I can accomidate :D

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