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what the hell is wrong with everyone argueing about a stupid thing like this? NO one would try to pass themselves off as EGO if they really werent because the REAL EGO would catch it! jeez, and from reading his reply, you can tell its him.

No, I want you to prove it by telling me what I had E-mailed you about a couple weeks ago. So make me a believer. Or, if that's to hard for you, post something from the EGO_ahole old name. That screen name is still floating around since the E.G.O**** is a new registration, not an old name that has been modified.

So your link to the real ego's webpage is the same. I can put the same link in my profile. Whoopee. And the real Ego would only respond if he was back from vacation which he might not be. The pic in your profile was a capture off the video Ego posted which anyone on this board could have taken.

Where is the Email addy you used to have posted? It's gone as well and you didn't even think to put a fake one in there.

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This is one of those posts that has gone through about 4 or 5 different topics, and ended up like a lot of the others that eventually get closed down - puffed out, in a dead-end... You guys are great at moderating yourselves, most of the time, it is just when it starts to get personal or too emotional that the mods have to step in.

Let hope we find out the truth about this 'imposter'... LOL



Who the hell are you? Registered in June of 2002? E.G.O.****????? 18 posts? Looks like someone is tryin to pass himself off as our favorite smart ass. :)


I posted a pic of you jumping a cadilac with your bud, I also helped you format it ?

Does that Qualify


Your a mod, chek the Logged IP

Are they the same.........

So now I'm wondering how I can keep my dignity and still stay active on this site. :) Well, I did hear dignity is over rated....

Just because your IP is the same, how do we know that your body has not been taken over by aliens, or you are not being held hostage, tied up in the corner while someone uses your computer to post to TT? HUh?

Prove that! - go on!

Ok here is the truth

In my journey when I was known as TTrFNAEA,

My guraMahaRashdeeee, splained I was adopted, I was devistated and started this downward spirul into nothingness.

I did not understand anything, I could not comprehend anything, and the worst part was my Bike turned against me.

So I had an awakening, I realized life is short and I was wasting it arguing with missfits over trivial things. I had a vision that overwlemed my own intelect and was formed from the ashes of poo-poo into another being now known as E.G.O.****

Other then That I took a real good crap and figured, I need to straighten up my act on TT and help some of these mis guided souls :)

I am still not buying it.

E.G.O.**** != EgoAhole

And it looks like the real Ego is back as of yesterday.

Will the Real EgoAhole please stand up?


Your fishing without bait me friend

I wish I had a chance to read the original thread that was locked. After reading this one, most everyone likes a good flaming thread every now and then. I'm just wondering that if lots of people have interest in the flaming threads, why are most of them started by only a few people?

I think EGO a Sceptor (from the 250F side) would make excellent friendly rivals.

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