BRP Electric Starter kit - Works great

Well the long wait is over and I received my modified parts from Baja Designs. My BRP will have a working E-button by the end of the day.

here is a picture of my rewound stator installed in the new flywheel cover and the flywheel with the ring gear pressed on.


I will post more pictures as I get the job done.

Stator looks awsome..

keep them pictures comin'.. :thumbsup:


Done yet? What's the hold up. It lunch time Friday and still no pictures :thumbsup: Nobody said you could go out and play with your new toy prior to filling the rest of us in on the details........... :awww:

Here in Washington it's still Thursday nite but I will have pictures posted by Friday Washington time (Saturday Santa Rosa time). :awww::lol: :lol: :lol::thumbsup:

Here are some more pictures of the installation. In these shots the job is done. All the parts are installed and the wiring hooked up and tied down. The only things left for me to do are put the tank and seat on. Start the bike and ride it so I know where to adjust the shifer lever. Once that is done I will put the Skid plate on and I'm ready to ride.

The first shot is a side view of the finished installation with timing hole plug taken out.


Next shot is a overhead view of the unit.


Next is a close up of the starter solenoid and its wiring completed.


This second shot of the solenoid wiring I have pulled the pigtail for the battery tender out from behind the solenoid and left it hanging in front of the front sprocket cover.


Finally all the wiring completed on the top of the air box:


Hope this gives you the big picture of the Baja Designs electric starter kit installed. :thumbsup:

I tested the starter and it works fine although it turns it over rather slowly. I had to keep the decomp lever slightly pulled in in order to get the bike to turn over. If I let go of the decomp. lever before it started it would stop turning the motor over. It started the first 4 or 5 times then the battery was too low and turned it over too slowly to start the bike. Now this is not how I would normally use the starter if I were riding but I wanted to push it and find out how much it could handle at one time with little recovery time for the battery.

In my opinion Baja Designs is doing the right thing by going to a standard battery. But it could be that my battery is bad. I called Baja Designs and told them it would not turn the motor over at all unless you kept the decompression lever slightly pulled. They felt it was probably another bad battery. Fortunately for me they had already mailed me a spare just in case something like this happened.

Motopsychosport - was this similar to your experience with your first battery?


my battery cranked the bike over about ten times with out the de-comp lever pulled in the very first time. However after that I had to use the de-comp lever to get it started. Unfortunatly the bike won't start when it is cold with the e-start.

I also got that call from BD about the new battery set up that they are coming up with and they are going to ship it to us at no charge which is way cool. This is why I continue to do biz with Baja Designs because they take care of me and my customers. They said the new battery set up is still going to be a few weeks away which is totally worth the wait.



Thanks for the pictures and the update. This time it really is Friday afternoon :thumbsup: Make sure to send us a photo when the new battery set up comes in. It will be interesting to see just how they get it in since it is begining to look a little tight in there under the carb. First thing you need to do is replace that sticker on the side of the starter motor with something a little more trick then the part number. Also you need to hurry up and get those new parts dirty so they will match the rest of the bike. :awww:

The more I use the starter the better it works. Even with this thin thing they call a battery.

Now I hope you all are not as brain dead as I am. Remember a while back when I described how I took the fly wheel off with out a flywheel holder tool. I stuck a rope down the the spark plug hole like I do on my 2 strokes. Very stupid move. This is not a 2 stroke and it has valves. I got a rather loud tapping echoing off my skid plate. It didn't take me to long to figure it was my valves. The bike starts and runs great except for this noise. I suspect I bent a valve or two. I'll know later next week when I have time to pull the plug. I really feel like a dope. The reason I am letting you know about my stupidity is so you don't try to take your flywheel off the way I told you I took mine off. Sometimes I amaze myself. :thumbsup:

Rethinking this I've decided it may be that I bent a rocker arm. At least that is what I hope happened. I would rather replace a rocker assembly than have to pull the head and replace a valve or two. Next time I use the nylon rope to pull a flywheel I will loosen all the valves so they can't open.


The good news is I lucked out. Nothing bent. I adjusted the valves and all is well. So now I'm waiting on the new battery setup that Baja Designs is developing for the kit. It should be here in three or four weeks. Meantime I have to live with the drycell battery that originally came with the kit and if that goes out I'll be kickstarting until mid July. I am seriously thinking of developing my own battery box and modifying the air-box using the subframe as mounting point. I really think that will be the ticket. I will wait and see what I think of Baja Designs under the carb box they are developing.

I took the XR650R out for its first ride since I installed the Electric start kit. Put 40 miles on and did not use the Kick Starter once. The electric starter functioned flawlessly. After I got home I plugged the bike into the battery tender and it turned green immediately. So the charging system that Baja Designs put together for the battery works flawlessly too. :thumbsup:



Glad to hear about your top end not needing anything but an adjustment :thumbsup: Bike looks great and I'm glad to hear that it all worked well. It looks like I will have to send you a sticker for that starter pretty soon if you don't get off the stick and get one for yourself :devil:

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