Need advice on buying 450

I'm looking at trying to find and buy an 03 450, but I need some information first. I know I can read all the post and find the answers, but I thought I'd expedite the process:

I heard that the 03s had some small problems that may have been corrected in the 04s. What do I need to be aware of, if anything, on a used 03 450?

Thanks in advance.


The only issue I have had is the clutch chatter. This is fixed with 2002 YZF426 clutch parts. No other issues with mine.

The most important thing in purchasing one of these used is how often the oil was changed. Do you know the owner? Did he take care of this as well as other maint. issues on a on going scheduled basis? Oil must be changed after 3-4 rides or after each motocross race. Has the steeringhead bearings been lubed once or every 6mos? Has the valves ever been checked? this could be important depending how many hrs are on it.

These bikes are pretty bulletproof - unless the bike has been neglected maint. wise, it is probably ok. I would not worry too much if the plastic is worn, scratched or blue turning white -- this happens on all of them from just riding hard. Look at the chain/sprockets for excessive wear - look at the chain guides on the top of the swingarm & under the rear swingarm to see how much wear - no big deal to replace all of this and drive chain.

Some will say look at the pivot/linkage - this should be good to go unless the bike was used for trail riding in a lot of water or mud.

Check the condition of the oil to see the color of it - on the dip stick. Hopefully it is either clean or very dark. If it is milky or light colored - it has had water sucked into the motor thru the oil overflow line - not good but not terminal. Remove the seat to see the condition of the airfilter - this will tell you if the previous owner cares about keeping his bike in tip top shape - always ride with a clean oiled airfilter...

Check the compression by kicking the kick starter. Does it go thru the entire stroke w/o any resistance at all? Or completely stops before going thru the stroke? Not good.

Does it start after 2-6kicks when cold?

Or you have to kick the beast forever? - A indication of valve condition if this is the case.

Thanks for the post. I remembered reading things about the clutch, so I'll ask about that when I look at one.

thanks again.


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