rear sprocket

I am new to motocross and was wondering how much differance adding two teeth to my rear sprocket will make? I ride mainly a supercross style track 180 degree turns and medium size straights. I keep the bike mainly in 3rd and 4th gear around the track my problem is I am slow in and out corners so I need advise either on adding teeth or better cornering technique

I suck at cornering so I can't offer advice on that. But I did go to a 50T (49T is stock) and I can ride most of the tracks I ride in 3rd gear nearly all the way around. It's got enough grunt when you're going slow, yet you can rev it for short to medium length straights. One gear laps? Oh the joy of the big thumper.

You must not be that new to motocross if you ride mostly in 3rd and 4th gears. Easy 3rd will clear all the jumps in my area. But by no means do I use 3rd that much. Mostly top of second. Then again, Im not a racer, I just play.

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I went from the stock gear to a 51. Huge improvement. The track I ride had sections that needed first, now I can lugg it through those in 2nd, and rev it in 3rd for the rest. IF you get the 51 you'll be happy.

I agree with Shawn, I've tried them all and find the 51T the best overall. :)

I've got a Sunstar 52T in great shape. Send me a $10 spot and a postage paid carboard letter envelope and it's yours.

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