What are your favorite tires?

I don't know if you ride more in the desert or MX but if it's on a track go with the Dunlop 756's. I switched to them about a year ago and will never go back to anything else. They wear kinda fast but they give great traction on most types of dirt. I ride some in the desert and they seem to work well in most conditions.

My favorite tires? New ones! :) Ive got the 756's also, but next time Im going to try some Maxxis IT's.

I ride in a lot of loose soil, sand and mud (Florida). I recently put on a set of the new Dunlop 773's and I love them. I had 756's before and I thought that they were good but the new Dunlops are far greater in my riding conditions.


all of where i ride is sand or turns to mud. except maybe once or twice a month i will goto a total clay track to race. would you recommend the 773's for me even though i may ride once or twice a month on hard clay?

The 773 will wear pretty fast on hard pack, I know its a pain, but having both types of tires available to change isn't so bad when you waste a 100 dollar tire in two rides. Just my 2 cents.

I have always run Dunlop tires, until I tried a Michelin S12, its a soft dirt tire only, but its amazing in sand.

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I have run the 739/756/and S12 rears...I just ordered a 120/19 Maxxis was 56$ to my door..that is dang hard to beat...I have a buddy w/a 520Katoom and has one on there, it is wearing real good and can take the beating of rocky south Missouri.

I'll report my findings with longevity and traction..we ride terrain from rocks to mud and everything in between :)

As far as rear tires, I'm sold on the maxis tires. Right now I have a IT on with four rides on it and you can barely see any wear. The first ride with it, it was so muddy that my buddy on a 125 couldn't hardly stay up and I was pulling the front tire whenever I wanted. Then the HT is just as impressive on the hard stuff. And you can't beat $45 (rocky mountain atv and motorcycle0 for a tire. When It comes to front it is a little more difficult though. I have had fairly good luck with the Michilen M12 and S12 and am thinking about trying the new one.

I've had good luck with the Bridgestone M602R. Works good on the blue groove and pretty good in the loam too.


I am going to have to agree with BK14MX. Although I ride in loose soil and the 773's are the hook-up, hard clay will prematurely wear those shoes out. If you had two sets of tires, that would be the best case scenerio. I have heard good things about the Maxxis IT and it has gotten great revues as an intermediate tire. If I road in hard clay and loose stuff, I would probably go with the Maxxis IT but I have never riden them personally.

A recent copy of MXA had a review on tires for various conditions, I will dig through my library and see if I can get you some additional information.

Good Luck!

I would STILL have to say the Mich M-12 front

and the S-12 rear for the best combo I have found.

When I pick up my 450 , it will not even leave the shop B4 I have the Michelins put on it!

I have had NO bad things to complain about them except the $$$

But it is well worth it. I have the M-12 on the front for the last 1.5 yrs and just now shot!

Granted I didnt do a lot of riding last yr due to my foot break! But it did last a good 1.5yrs!

And I think that Rockymtn has the mich for around $50???

Well worth the 50bucks!



S-12 front and rear here. I love the diamond style on the outer edge on the front for gripping and it seem like I don't lose my front end as much. The rear last and last and resists chunking, also the rear is so tall that once the edge is wore off you still have pretty good grip just because of the height.


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