Looking at a new 450...

Hey guys,

I currently ride a 02 426, and its time for an upgrade. I am looking at an 04 or possibly waiting for an 05 450. I race consistenly in the top 5 in the junior class. What i want to know is how much better is the new 450's over me ol' 426. I know its heavy and has a good hit, which i like, and i can handle this bike really well. My dislikes about the bike are:

1. Suspension: The forks on this bike suck... stock or revalved... they suck. Harsh and way too easy to bottom!

2. Turning: Not the best. Terrible in the ruts comapared to a CRF.

However, I absolutely love everything else about this bike, and have never ridden a new yz450, but have ridden a cr450, but i wont buy a honda.

But anyways, for those that have done the switch, are they that much better? How so? Wait for an 05'?



P.S. the 4two6 is for sale if anyone is interested.

When I had my 426 I thought it was worlds better than the 98 400 I had. I did all the free mods, '03 auto decompression cam, power now, etc. All of which made the bike "that" much better. I made the mistake of riding a buddies brand new '03 450 and it was "that" much better than my modified 426. Yes you can tell a difference with one ride.

Well, i went ahead and got an 04. I picked it up today. I got it for 5000 OTD. My dealer here is awesome and i have bought 2 snowmobiles and this is the 2nd dirt bike from him so he gave me a pretty good deal. I didnt see any reason to buy an 05 because i really want to get an 06 with the AF. Plus there is one huge advantage the 04 has over the 05... I get to ride it NOW! :thumbsup:

Cant wait to get this thing out. What should i do to this bike before i ride it..anything? What do i need to know about this bike that may be different from my 02?

Also, What accesories do you guys reccommend? I know we all like to tinker with our bikes so what aftermarket products do you guys swear by?!



Besides all the standard guards of your choice (and decent bars). Get the GYTR flywheel weight, power now, YZ250 2 stroke air filter cage (screen less) and a flame proof Twinair air filter. Unplug your neutral safety wire (light blue wire just under the front of the tank) and unplug the TPS on the carb. I run 2 1/2 weight PJ1 fork fluid for a plusher ride. Can the chain before it destroys the sprockets.

I just bought an 04 YZ450F myself and sold my 03 YZ450F. What a difference in the suspension. The 48 mm forks are awesome! I ride some supercross tracks and one blip of the throttle and your clearing any double on the track. This must be what bikes are like in heaven... :thumbsup:

Enjoy :devil:

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