Set up for the sand dunes?

i am going to be going to the sand dunes shortly...

i know you have to get a silencer and the cheapest way i can find it to install a new end cap for 120 fricken bucks!

there has to be a cheaper way??

i am also going to get a sand tire... what else should i get

thanks and input is greatly appreciated

That and a flag and you're ready for the time of your life. It is a total blast. Make sure you have the correct permit. I don't know what state you're in (I'm assuming you mean the dunes in CA). As a AZ resident we can use our AZ registration as a bike permit for the dunes. If you don't have any kind of registration, then you need to buy an annual permit for $20 that you stick on the front forks. There are some good websites with info. about that kind of stuff. Take care, Have a good time.

actually dunes in michigan

silver lake

i hear though that these yz450s are not much in the dunes... that the hondas walk all over them because of the 5 gears?

anyone enlighten me on how to keep up if this is true... maybe a 47 tooth sprocket?

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