Lesson #1. Don't Wheelie or else.......

Just kidding I know that everyone likes to wheelie with these powerhouses we ride but I unfortuanately am pretty tore up now and my bike is worse. I was riding a nice one through the field, just had put my Kouba fuel screw in and bike was running great. Well I set it down a little too late in 5 gear probably 50-60mph and tried to miss the woods and get back on the driveway. Well I manuevered a little too quickly and lost the back end, needless to say the bike goes on way the the other and pitches me off. I flew off the bank still going 40 or so and landing down on the rock hard driveway and stopped dead on my right arm and elbow as the bike came right on top of me. Well I get up and try to move my arm and it is hurting like hell but I could move my fingers and wrist but sharp pain was still running all through me. Well of course I was worried about the bike but I am too busy cursing and such to check the bike out. My bud rolls up on his bike and says Dam man what happened. I am still rolling around cursing my arm has too deep gashes in it bleeding like he11 and it is 90 degrees out here so I try to stand up that ain't working I told my buddy to get out of the way and I let loose everything I had eaten in the past week, LOL Puking ain't no fun HaHa, I have never had pain so intense that I have gotten sick but this my friends was some serious pain. Well I finally got back down to the house and tried to start cleaning my wounds, #2 lesson peroxide and open wounds will hurt bad!!! Next round of screaming and cursing!!

3. Lesson three. Even if it is hot wear protective gear, mainly jersey!! I had on all my riding gear but I just had on my chest protector w/ no shirt on underneath. If I had of had a jersey on my arm would not be all tore up like it is!! Dam finally get the bike running right and wreck!

4. Lesson four.....If nothing else make your first wreck on your nice motocross bike that barely has a scratch on it on the track and not on the driveway!! (if for nothing more than pride for yourself and so when people say "Hey man what happened" you can reply,,,"Yeah dude, I was jumping this 237ft quadruple jump and almost had it" LOL instead of telling them about the wheelie and driveway incident!! :)

So I got a few questions about new parts and such but I will make another post for that. Frank

LOL, sorry to laugh, but that is a funny post. I hope you heal up fast! I had to laugh because I finally crashed my new looking bike this last weekend. Well, more like it fell over. I was climbing a hill and I got 3 feet from the top and lost my speed. Instead of leaning into the hill, I fell away from the hill and I rolled down half of it. Lol, must have looked funny! After riding, I spent the afternoon trying to polish out the scratch. My wife said, "honey, it's a damn dirtbike, it's suppose to look like that, now will you get inside the house and care for your other children"!

Yeah I hear ya! I know it would have looked funny if someone saw me but it shre did not feel funny it hurt like crazy. But my bike looks like it fell out of the sky. That rock hard driveway did not give, so says my arm and my bike. Oh well give me a chance to add some new stuff to it right! LOL Frank

FastFrank, I've been there buddy, it sucks don't it? I broke my leg in the field next to my house pulling wheelies with all my friends watching. Everyone heard it snap. You didn't break anything so it could have been worse. Dirt bikes are like a woman with PMS, one minute they love you the next minute they want you dead. Heal fast!

or they dont even want to start :)

Yeah it would happen like this, soon as I get it runnin right again I crash it and have to go and spend a couple hundred to get it back the way I want it. But we all know once you crash you want to get this for it and that for it. I went to order some stuff from Parts Unlimited and they had everything I wanted to order in NC but one thing. The one thing I wanted and needed the most the "brake line" They have cool blue lines that are braided made by goodridge with all the necessary hardware for like 35 bucks but of course they are on backorder!! DAm always my luck, I could have had her back together and right tomorrow evening but NO NO! got to wait till July for the brakeline. Anyone have a stock brakeline for an 01' they want to get rid of?? LOL Frank :)

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