Need quite a few parts...couple of ???'s

Alright here goes,

I am a perfectionist and can't stand a scratch on my bike unless it is from normal wear and tear and the nice wreck I had yesterday is not normal wear and tear.

Damaged parts that I will be replacing...(with money that I will pulling from somewhere not to be found yet)

1. Bars. They are shot!

2. Front master cylinder brake line and cap. I hope that the mastercylinder is not broken but the line is broke cuz it is shooting fluid out the end of the banjo bolt.

3. Plastic...front fender...side panels...front number plate...

4. exhaust pipe guard

5. grips

Well in regards to the bars the front end is tweaked like crazy, I know that the bars are toast I can see the bend in them but I hope that I did not mess up the forks or triple clamp cuz that thing is all out of whack. Hopefully if I loosen the forks in there mounts it will go back in to place. The master cylinder I probably will be getting a Spiegler line or a braided line. What about plastic guys, BLACK is what I want but I don't know if it is available. I really want the black side panels, anyone know where I can get those??? And I am gonna need a master cylinder cap from a Yamaha OEM parts dealer where can I get the best prices for that. Also need a head pipe guard for an 01' 426, anyone have aftermarket exhaust and wanna get rid of their old stock guard of the factory headpipe?? Thanks guys as usual, Frank

Hey Frank,

I have a brand new BLACK:

Front fender

Disc guard

Number plate

Never used, that I am willing to part with.

PS - You should appreciate my screen name, being from Lynchburg and all.....

What's up Hokie?

Yeah you gotta love them VA tech Hokies. Are the parts UFO or Acerbis and how much you want for all of them?? I am not sure what route I am going to go color wise until I found what all I can get for it. I love that Yamaha blue so I might just go back with that but If I can get all black for the bike then I might go with that. I thought that I read a post that black side panels were available from somewhere now?? Anyone know?? Let me know what's up Hokie?? thanks, Frank

what about that stock headpipe guard?? Someone got one laying around that they don't need that isn't all scratched up?? Thanks, Frank


Where did you get the black plastic and what brand are they? I need some new plastic soon and would like to try something new.

I'm not sure where I got them from, but they are UFO platics.

Maybe MXSouth.

It was definitely an online purchase though.

Hey guys,

I can get black plastic in the following parts, they will be UFO, I can get front and rear fenders, and front number plate. I cannot get side panels though in nothing but white and reflex blue. Side panels (Acerbis) I can get in white, silver, and YZ blue. Where can we get side panels in black????? where is a good place guys to get OEM parts at a good price. If anyone needs plastic or aftermarket goodies through Parts Unlimited let me know I can get good prices and can ship them out to you no problem. Hokie what do you want for that fender and number plate? I am thinking about going all out and ordering the skins graphic kit and seatskin too, gotta check the fundage though. frank

Get some oversize bars with the triple clamps or a whole Scotts setup if money permits. You will find they take a crach much better than stock 7/8ths bars. Pro tapers are nice.


Do a search on Black Side panels.

Its a company called Polisport.


They do have them because Mark_UK said he put them on his bike.

Well I tried that link and it won't show you nothing but the main page. I would like to see what they have to offer. where is that in europe?? Frank

Anyone know if it will fit??? Got any pics of it? I am gonna go home tonight and see how bad mine is since I was kinda out of it last night to check the bike over real good. I will let you know, if it will fit we might can work something out!! Thanks, Frank

Sorry, I cant help you more than that.

I did call them though and request a catalog. I dont have it anymore (at least I dont think I do) because I was way too expensive to have them ship over here.

(besides I found some yellow side panels on e-bay) :)

If I find the catalog I'll post back and let you know.

frank I have like new head pipe gaurd on it mint like has 2 rides then was taken off 30$ KEWL?


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