Have any of you guys had any experience with a No Fear Stratos chest protector?

I have no fear riding gear but am using an old axo pentagon chest protector. The no fear stratos looks pretty cool but what about comfort, fit and protection most importantly.

Anyone tried one?

I don't have one but I just bought my son one last week. Bright Red. He loves the thing but I have noticed that it tends to wobble around at the waist area. The straps won't tighten enough to make a comfortable fit for him. Hopefully as he grows a little more it will fit better. I think its a better product than my own chest protector. I give it a thumbs up.

I have one. (Orange of course!)

I find the fit to be highly acceptable. The only thing, it shows it's beatings. The chrome on the shoulders, when it scuffs off (from scraping trees or tip-overs) is black underneath. And the lexan front shows micro cracks from rock impacts. Kinda shows you how much hitting they take!

The integrity is not compromised, but you see light spidering where an impact was. Thats the ONLY thing I really don't care for. The shoulders are webbed, so the protector itself is not sitting on you, but the webbing suspending the cups off you. I find it to just be a very comfy protector. I think ALL chest protectors stink when it comes to collarbone protection. I wish they could come up higher, but then I guess your helmet would hit.

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I have a fox with clear plastic. It has held up verry well for two years and I can hardly tell im wearing it. Looks alot like the no fear also. :)

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