Current E-series >>>>>>03' 450f????

Does anyone have any info on the bolt pattern for the 03'??

Will my E-series fit my new 450 or should I let it go with the sale of my 400f?

I am kinda' assuming no but maybe someone has insided info that will save me a couple HUN$$!

Thx for any info.

THR :)

Shure! You'll just need a welder, zip-ties, duct tape, and some bubble gum.

The engine is 50cc larger. Pipes need to be tuned to the size of the engine. Why do you think a 250f has a shorter pipe than a 426?

Isnt that why the pipe has add on /removable discs....... tuning??

The 400/426 pipes are the same part number. The size of the engine didn't matter enough to change the whole pipe. As far as the old pipe fitting, no one will know for sure till they or white bros. try it out.

I looked at the 03 YZ450F at Glen Helen this weekend. The stock Titanium setup looks pretty trick to begin with. The whole bike looks pretty trick! Honda will be hard at work again, then Yamaha, then Honda..... These bikes will be better and better each year with more competition from other brands.

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