Rad Hubs?

Has anyone used the Rad hexed hubs on there XR650R?


I have Excel rims and thought the Rad hubs looked rad :awww: I was thinking red with my gold rims? :thumbsup: but, wanted to see if others had used them and if there were any issues.


BWB #63

Also check the CRF side of TT because some of those guys have tried them.

I' ve got'em... so far so good! they have some advantages to talon hubs. they can be switched to another bike, by buying another set of carriers. they have a removable carrier that your disc/sprocket mount to! also they have a zerk fitting, so they can be greased while on the bike. the only thing I wasn't too crazy about is that they use over sized bearing... that are not sealed, beacause they are greasable. they also use a different spacer because of the oversized bearing...it is aluminium, but i think it's a little soft... mine shows a little grove worn into it where the outer seal rides on it... my stock spacers did not! one more thing, rad claims that the wheel can be turned around, so that you can thoroughly burn up that rear tire, without having to remove the tire from the rim, by switching the carriers... but on mine the bolt pattern is not the same from one side to the other, so that claim does not hold true! other than that I am pretty happy with them, I got blk/blk... beefy spokes too!

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