Riding in ohio

Do any of you guys live\ride near the Youngstown, Ohio area? I recently moved near there and I am looking for some good riding spots. :thumbsup:

I belong to a members only track........We have a website......sanduskyvalleyriders.com....they also list and talk about all other tracks in ohio. Our facility is about 40 acres...with the MX track about 1.8 miles per lap.......fast riders(not me ..yet)will do laps in around 2 minutes

Have you been to Wayne National Forest or Perry state forest yet? Those are both great places to ride. If you need directions or any information let me know.

Check out Crow Canyon , it is located south of Canton in Urichsville. They have plenty of trails, a motocross track and a peewee track. I have been down riding down there since the first trail was cut a few years ago and I still don't get tired of riding there.

I will be heading down there Sunday morning for some family riding.


We've gone to Bear Creek a few times this past month. Their website is http://www.bearcreek.us/features.html#trails towards the bottom of the page is info about the riding area. It's an old strip mining area. No tracks, mostly trails and some flat areas to just get on it....a couple of hills. The trails are more quad friendly but I'm told they take a dozer and try to straighten them up from time to time. With all the rain we've had there's a washed out road down there and the trails tell the same tail...lotsa shale stone and not much dirt right now. It's not the greatest but it's cheap and close. Not a bad place to take beginners because there's alot of flat area and a few nice easy hills. We're looking for a better area right now though....that Crow Canyon is supposed to be better.

I moved to Lima, Ohio recently to attend the university of northwestern ohio for high performance auto. I have found a few places to ride but havent had much of a chance to check them out yet. Looking for more people in the area to go riding with however. :thumbsup:

drop me a email silveradoss,i live in hubbard,im out riding all the time,when im not working that is,i can show you around :thumbsup:

I live in youngstown too. Well warren is right next to it but you know what I mean. I think the best place to find places is on pitracer.com like someone else had mentioned. Wayne National Forest in southern Ohio is very fun riding also but about 3 1/2 hours drive. But anyways, just check out pitracer.com and ask around on the forums there for some help. :thumbsup:

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