NEW 04 WR450

I just bought my new toy today :thumbsup: Can someone tell me what small mods are a must do. Something with the throttle stop in the carb., "gray wire, and muffler cap. The dealer mentioned a few things that the shop would do for about $200. These few things are supposed to really make a huge difference in power. Any info would be great

Ok, you made your first good move by buying a WR!! :thumbsup::awww:

Now do the next good move and start to wrench your own bike.

200$ for the FREE mods is 200$ for nothing !!

- air box snorkel

- grey wire - optional.

- end cap

- THROTTLE STOP - this is biggest winner here. If you own a can do it yourself. or Search for a thread with "YZ throttle stop" for the part number and other instructions.


oh yeah factory grease on new bikes is (apparently) about as plentiful as an honest politician so you should break down the all the pivot points and grease up real good

- head bearings

- linkage bearings

- axle bearings

- did I forget anywhere ??

I've an 04 WR450F for about a week now. Took 11mm off the throttle stop no problem. Trying to do the airbox thing, mine looks like it might be a different design than the 03 in the famous "Project 450F - Making it run right". I have like a double-snorkel behind the battery box, instead of a single. Do I pull this out the top, or what? If so, the battery strap bracket is in the way, and seems like I would have to destroy the "snorkel" to remove it. Am I an idiot? <font color="black">

Sounds like the same snorkel as on the 03's. If that's the case, remove the rubber strap holding the battery in, grab a the snorkel with a pair of pliers in one hand and a blade screwdriver in the other. Use the screwdriver to flex the side of the airbox out of the way (the side with the battery box strap holder) and it will pull right up. You might have to put a bit of muscle into it though. :devil::thumbsup:

Here is what I did to my new WR which I got three days ago:

1. Grey wire disconnected.

2. Air Box Mod

3. Throttle stop cut

4. Exhaust cam - YZ450F

5. Exhaust system - Ti-4 full set.

6. JDJetting set (used 165 main instead of recommended 170)

7. Devol Radiator, frame and skid plate

8. RG3 Tripple clam and Renthal twin wall

9. Accerbis guards etc.

10. YZ Yamaha of troy Graphics, had to use sculpel a bit to make it fit.

12. Michelin M12 front and rear tires, stock Dunlop 606 suck and scary.

13. Motul 300 Factory Line racing oil - engine is now singing!!!! Amazing oil, makes a lot of difference!

I think I ended up with a nice bike. We had two bikes from the dealer together, left one untouched and tested them both yesterday - man... they are like from different planets....

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