Oil filters besides OEM

I was out looking a a local shop today and picked up some Emglo filters for my WR450 that are a direct substitute for the OEM filters. I didn't have the Yamaha filter with me to compare it too. I got home and compared the Emglo to the Yamaha and there are some subtle differences. Most notably the rubber discs on top and bottom on the Emglo are not as large in diameter or as thick as the Yamaha. Also the Emglo filters are not quite as long. I'm wondering if I should be concerned about this? The Emglo's are $3.50 though, compared to like $10 or $11 for the OEM. The sales dude said that K&N makes one, but they didn't have any in stock.

So I was just wondering if you guys only use OEM filters or if you know of another brand and source to get them, preferably online. I don't want to use the Emglo's if the quality is not up to snuff, but I don't want to shell out $11 bucks a pop for the OEM either.



you can get OEM for 426 2002. It is the same like 450 '04 and it is metal. Can be reused many times

Don't use the filter for the 426, they are not the same. The 450's filter a lot smaller particals. I have been using the K&N's with out any problems. Scott also makes one that is reusable but it costs around $80. :thumbsup:

I don't like using filters that need cleaning. I think they are great the first time you use them, as they are supposed to filter finer material than the stock ones, but what happens if you wash the filter and some metal shavings get on the inside of the filter. It's hard to see inside the filter and no one can tell me they are 100% sure that there isn't something stuck in a corner on the inside of the filter that will be freed up once oil starts flowing through it.

$80 screen filter = 10 stock filters. Thats quite a few oil changes. Although you don't have to, you'll probably end up replacing the screen filter around that many oil changes anyway. So why bother?

Don't use the filter for the 426, they are not the same. The 450's filter a lot smaller particals. I have been using the K&N's with out any problems. Scott also makes one that is reusable but it costs around $80. :thumbsup:

My 426 is fine using 426 filter after about 18 000 miles. It is true that 450 filter is better, but what the heck I'm not going to ride this bike for the next 10 years!

there's been a lot of talk about 426 and 450 filters being the same. i tried a 426 fiter in my 450, it seemed to get crushed a little when the cap was put on. i'll stick with the filter made for my model. get the k&n. i was not impressed with the emgo quality.

there is a reason the filter was changed and i don't believe it was just to sell more filters. it would be cheaper for yamaha to only sell one filter for all there bike and be done with it.

okay, rants over. filters and oil changes are cheap insurance. be good to your bike.

I heard the 426's and the 450's were different in length (426 - 1mm longer) which would explain the crushing thing.

Filters (IMHO) should be a consumable item, it collects crap I don't want in my engine, so I can then liberate it to my trash can. I had a Scotts in my 250 and I just never felt like I could get it as clean as I wanted. To me its kind of like dumping my kitchen trash out instead of just tossing the bag.

I've been using the K&N's for the past 4-5 changes and they seem to be working well, better then OE I would have to say at least as far as oil appearance @ draining intervals.

Though I typically put in new (Rotella T Synth. 5-40) every other ride and a filter every other change, your results may vary?

I've been looking into the HiFlo's on ebay though, saw one in person (not for the 450, but..) and they appear similar in to the K&N in construction and are about 3$ cheaper per unit and shipping is free.

But it's all relevant...motor oil in my car - I change it when I change it ~4/5k and thats that because all I do is drive the highway twice a day end of story. The bike I slog through mud, streams, dusty crappy roads...so it's change cheap and change often, no problems to speak of yet and everything is still in spec :thumbsup:

I run the Scott's Stainless filter. I change the oil every 200-300 miles and clean the filter every change. I have over 2700 miles on my 450. At $70.00 for the Scott's that is way cheaper than OEM filters. I use carb cleaner and spray from the inside out then compressed air inside out and it comes very clean. Scott's claims it filters out finer particles while flowing better than paper. They also say it is a lifetime filter. I have been very happy with it.


I also have scott filter and I'm very happy with it. However I have one spare 426 filter and it is the same lenth and the stock 450 filter. I have put them both one by another, I have put 426 filter in my 450 and I cannot see any differece. BTW scott part number for 426 and 450 is the same! Another thing is to be carefull when you remove your old filter so that the back grommet somethimes adheses to the engin case and stays in the filter hole. When you put new one you get 2 grommets in the back and this smashes your filter. I'm not trying to make you fellas use 426 filters I just wanted to point out what is working...

i use the 02 426 filter on my 04 450 and find no size difference. and as far as filtering , i change my oil every ride (come on people its only a quart!)and clean the filter every three. so far no issues.

The three above posts are right on the mark! :thumbsup: Oil changes are the most important maintenance item on the WR/YZ 400/426/450F. This is due to the dry sump design and the fact the engine oil and clutch/transmission use the same oil. Change every 200 miles or pay the price later(Fram Oil commercial). :awww:

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