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Hello Everyone,

I recently got a klr 250 that was sitting outside at my uncles farm for 8 years. It wasn't in great condition but I've slowly been repairing it. I've managed to adjust the valves but there is very little to no compression in it. There is fuel getting to the engine and the spark plug does spark. Ive called my local Kawasaki dealership and they rekon it probably would be around 1500 to fix. Im just wondering if anyone here knows what would be wrong and the cheapest way to fix it. Thanks

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hi I would suspect if very little compression the valves may have surface rust from sitting for long time, you could try removing the carbs & exhaust & carefully placing a few drops of 2 stroke oil around each valve (Two stroke as designed to be burnt with as little has as possible) 

This will create a better seal & you should have better compression if not too bad, put back carry & pipe & try starting - If starts keep running for a while & surfaces of valves may clear enough to not have to take head off & have a valve job done.

The other thing is even tho you have spark it may be weak ? therefore have the ignition igniter checked.

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