Chest Protectors

What are you guys wearing? I was borrowing a guys from work and now he wants it back so I have to get one. I am fairly tall (6'3") so I was just wondering.

Does anyone wear the soft under-the-jersey ones too from AXO?

Does anyone have an extra one around that is in good shape they might be willing to sell fairly cheap?

Don't mess around, buy the Fox Airframe. It's not cheap but it's damn good. I'm 6'3" myself, the Fox Airframe and the Moose are the only ones that fit me good. I've had both and love the Fox.


Check your PM.

I was about to ask the same question about the under the jersey chest protector. I was at a local dealer today and was looking at the sixsixone under jersey protector. Does anyone use one? How does it feel? Would you recommend it? Thanks in advance.

I guess under the jersey is good for motocross, but if you are racing in the woods I would recommend a real chest protector (Fox Airframe)

Shane, I did'nt like the sixone6 and ended up sending it back. It just was not as sturdy as it looks and the shoulder pads were very bulky. It made you look like you were wearing football shoulder pads but only because of the design not that they were that protective. :)

O.T i have a Rage Chest Protector, I just bought a MSR Underoost Deflector for $45.00. After wearing the underoost for the first time in my last desert race I loved it. The underoost is much more lighter and it seems it keeps ya cooler. I only race desert, i had know problems with rocks or tree's hitting me, it protected me verey well. I bought it from Rocky mountain. :):D

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