2003 WR450FR ?

Most of my motorcycle background is riding Ducati's around race-tracks. I have recently discovered trail riding and absolutely love it (the poor DUC is gathering dust)! I recently traded my XR400R on a barely used 2003 WR450. When the previous owner mailed the manual to me yesterday, I noticed the model number is WR450FR . Is this "R" common to all US models, or does the "R" imply differences from the 450F (local Honda dealer doesn't know)?

The reason I ask is because I would like to do several of the performance mods (I have the larger pipe opening, and plan to do airbox, grey-wire, and jetting mod's..."04 starter upgrade also), but do not know if the difference (if any) will affect my approach. Thanks for lending advice to a new WR fan!

That is the true full model name for our bikes but they are all just called WR450F in the riding world. :thumbsup:

Actually the 'R' represents the model year '03. The '04 is a model WR450FS.

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