Ahmad the Quad God strikes again? :)

Coming on to a dirtbike site and trolling for flames is pretty childish. I have lots of friends on both sides and have two quads in my garage. You are giving quad riders a bad rep. Why?

I know what it takes to build a raptor up to 80HP. Lemme know what you have in that thing. That's a bold statement for anyone to make, especially a 16 year old. Are you sure it was trinity that did the work?

Originally posted by Big_Al_660R:

Go ahead and brag about your little dirt bikes. My raptor has 80+h.p. So dirt bikes have no chance at it. I'm not resisting...I'm just telling you that a yz426 cannot beat my raptor. You know I really wanted a dirt bike, but I don't wanna be a cocky jerk like some of you guys are. I'm just a 16 year old with an awesome, fast, and good-looking quad. I'm not a jerk, and I'm not mean(unlike you guys). You have just turned me away from the sport of dirt biking. Thanks alot for nothing.

Couldn't get the balance thing down huh?

I'm teaching my three year old to ride her bike w/o training wheels. It's a challenge, but she's sticking with it. I suggest you do too


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Originally posted by Big_Al_660R: I'm not a jerk, and I'm not mean(unlike you guys). You have just turned me away from the sport of dirt biking. Thanks alot for nothing.[/QB]

WAAAA!!... If thats all it took to turn you away from dirt biking. You weren't there in the 1st place!!!


Jeeez, and he wonders why nobody on this site likes these cart things..


Hey BF Lee I'm stealing your moped/fat chick line. VERY Funny! Thanks!

FIREBALLSOCAL yes I'm sure trinity did my work. It has a 720 big bore kit, Trinity pipe/silencer, and very much more. I guess all you dirt bike riders aren't that bad of people. Then you have complete jerks like FASTKEVIN.


Welcome to the world of 2 wheels, Dont mind the those that are zinging you on the Quad, Its just a Raze nothing more :)

Unless your name is Ahmad

If the 400 is as good as it sounds do it.

Originally posted by Big_Al_660R:

FIREBALLSOCAL yes I'm sure trinity did my work. It has a 720 big bore kit, Trinity pipe/silencer, and very much more. I guess all you dirt bike riders aren't that bad of people. Then you have complete jerks like FASTKEVIN.

You hut my feewings spud..

I also know what it takes to get to 80hp on a raptor, a friend of mine had one in town here and he also had about 18,000 bucks in it when it was all said and done, so my question is: what kind of motorwork has been done, a big bore kit is not gonna give you the 45-50 hp power gain you are talking about here. If I am not mistaken a stock raptor puts out about 36-38hp. You are putting out 80+ HMmmmmmmm, give us some details of where and what Daddy's money payed for on that Raptor?? Just curious, and in regards to the bike it sounds good, but I would throughly check it over for that price. Peace, Frank

Al, nobody is trying to be a d*ck to you about anything, we're just having fun... Are you sure it's a "raptor" we're talking about here or maybe a "rascal". I've seen those things advertised on late nite tv and they look pretty trick... Now I would believe those things have 80+ hp. The YZ sounds like a pretty smoking deal-if you check it out close and it's in good shape-do it. I got a 98 yz400 for my first bike ever-I love it. You're probably a better rider than I am, so you could use it even more to its potential...

BTW, where is Seymour? If the bike has been sitting outside, you may want to check it out real closely for rust, etc... If someone kept their bike outside, I wonder if they neglected it in any other ways???

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Me and my dad were looking in a quad magazine "Dirt Wheels", and Trinity had an ad in there for a raptor with 80+ h.p. So my dad called them and they said that they could make it a 720 cc. and then fix it up some more to make it have that much h.p. I race in drag races here locally. By the way, Seymour is in East Tennessee. So now I have one of the fastest Raptors in this state. My dad said it cost around $16,000 total. He also got me some chrome goodies and so forth. O yeah the Yz400 has some rust under the shifter and the brake pedal on the frame. I know that is not good , but is it really bad? Thank you to all you nice people out there.


You paid 16k to build a quad?


so you can say I got the fastest QUAD in the state.

Geez luisa

and your wonder if you should by a used 400. Do this

sell the Golf Cart for 10k loose money

and buy a KTM and put another 10 k init to make it run and handle.

Geez Kid no wonder ya got roasted


Better yet go buy a Cannondale and spend 15k just to say you have the most expensive worthless bike in the state

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I would think if it's just surface rust, no problem-but it makes you wonder if anything else was neglected on the bike-the fact that it was left outside leaves a bad feeling... Ego has a point, for the $$$ you're spending on toys, maybe check into one that is a little more of a sure thing... If it is in good shape for $2k, buy it!

just my .02

My dad thinks a 400 4-stroke is all i need for a starting bike. He doesn't want me to get a 450 or a 426.(I have no clue why). But he has the money and if he wants to get me a 400, let it happen. Thanks Yzeee

SO your dad builds a 80+ hp quad and thinks that a 40+ hp 2 wheel is worse :)

I think someone has a few lug nuts loose :D

Man oh Man oh Man

Now I understand why Richie Rich had to get his Butt-Ler to find him friends.

Me thinks someone just aint got a clue and to much money to try and buy a clue.

Keeping up and passing the Jones's

Tell your dad I need 36k for a Ducati 998r and an extra 15k for the Superbike Kit

That way I will have the fastest Ducati in the County

Man this whole thread now has got me worked up, now look what ya did, and I just got back from Vacation :D

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You can't buy respect, kid, you gotta earn it.

Don't make a half assed effort at joining the ranks of hard core dirtbikers and expect instant recognition. If you're riding that drag racer in the woods then you ain't riding woods. And that speed machine daddy built ain't the fastest in any state as soon as you climb aboard it.

If you are serious about two-wheelers, then get one suited to your riding needs and learn to ride it. Don't buy some rusted out bucket-a-bolts just to prove a point.

BTW, rename your thread "should DADDY buy me a dirtbike after I spent all his money on a fancy go cart??". Then maybe we can give you some real clues.


Sheesh, you guys are pretty dang harsh...I don't know about any of you, but if my dad would have offered me an 80 hp golf cart and then a nice dirt bike I would have taken him up on it for sure, no questions asked!!! I don't think there's any fault in that...

The guy's looking for a little advice on a bike, and turned here. Al, I'd take what you can from these posts and make your decision. I will say $2k for a decent yz4 is pretty good (or maybe I just got suckered???)

It's a troll..

You mean HE's a Troll? Or he's trolling? :D:D:D

As I see it, it boils down to a choice:

1) 80 horsepower and 398 lbs. plus gas and six pack, winch and shotgun scabard for the quad, plus or minus golf clubs and tool kit

2) 44 horsepower and 251 lbs. plus gas only on the 400F.

Tough choice. You see, you'll need both hands to ride the dirt bike - there's no good spot to mount a drink holder on the YZF.

No way, NO WAY that YOU beat YZFs everywhere. NO way. Power to weight ratios may favor you somewhat in a drag race, but even at top end you have a considerable frontal air mass. As for the woods, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, HA. :)

You kids today. You ever do 70 footers on a TTR225? :D

Have your dad turn down some sponsors, keep it real, speed racer. Get the 400F and then tell us how slow it is in the woods, on an MX track, even in a straight line.

Try the YZ. Just remember you're not in an easy chair with wheels anymore. :D

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DAm! 16,000 bucks in a quad, what the !@#$%@#$%@#?? I just can't see it. I remember the first dirtbike my dad bought me, an 86' xr80r. I thought my dad was the greatest person in the world that day. He only paid 350 bucks for it. Your dad has spent 16k on a quad for you just to race in a straight line. No offense to you kid but if you knew how hard some of us had it to just pay for what we got. Don't get me wrong I probably would spend money on my boy if I had one (don't think I ever want that to happen) but you are here asking us about a 98 400 for 2,000 bucks, come on, if he can spend money like that on your raptor, he11 he just needs to go on and buy you a new one. I just wish I could pay for my bike. Some people just have it too good when they just get anything they want, no offense I just wish I was as lucky as a kid like you.

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