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2015 KLX 140-BF Value and where to sell?

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I have a 2015 KLX-140 that’s a little beat up but runs great, and I’m looking to offload it for something bigger.

It’s a friend’s son’s bike and I bought it to help him out of a bit of a fix, thinking i could tool around on it on the 60 acres of woods and old logging roads i have, a good idea but it’s too small for my 6’ 230 lbs

The bike runs great and pulls well but it’s a bit tatty around the edges. The main issue is a broken foot peg which I assume I’ll need to get welded. It needs new tires which I’ll fix. There’s a cracked plastic and a missing chain guard but the new owner can fix those.

What’s a fair price to pitch this at if I try to offload it on Craigslist?? 

Is there a better way to sell it?

Thanks for any help and insights, I know nothing about this bike and my friend’s son is awol.




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