Ok. I've been riding since January, put on about 50 hours of riding. Done the oil and filter on a regular basis (10 hours). What would you recomend next.




Having the tires changed today. Anything else?


one more thing, suspension seems good I'm about 165 before meals.

Lube the chain? :)

Just pulling your chain there :D

Help me, I cant stop!

Id go with the oil change a little quicker, though. I like to do this about every 3 tanks of gas. I just do the oil change and I do the filter every other change. Mostly just to check on the amount of material in the filter. Since its a screen and not a paper filter, you really shouldnt have a problem with clogging unless you get a handfull of dirt in there, then ya go bigger problems anyway. But other maint, not really any to do, unless ya just want to fiddle with it, which is ok too :D

I would:

1. Check the valve clearance.

2. Lube the steering and swingarm/linkage.

3. Change the fork oil.

4. Get an x-ring chain and new sprockets.

In that order.

"If it runs drive it, w/the acception of a spark plug!"

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