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2012 RMZ 250 hard to start when hot? HELP!!!

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My 2012 RMZ 250 always ran fine and still does but I took it out on a straight trail today and was in 4th gear cruising and after 12 miles it bogged out as I was decelerating at the end. I let it cool as I was gonna anyways and was much harder to start. Cruised a little more and did it again when decelerating. 

I feel like bike is running hot. I mean weather was high 80’s, and get that’s not gonna help but coolant is full, temp gauge read 150 ish almost hit yellow. Is this normal? I would think high speeds would help cool airflow? 

What else could cause overheating? I got the bike open now and valve clearance may be tight. I’ve always found it misleading when using feeler  gauges what is proper drag. Also noticing heavy carbon build up on piston head just through the spark plug hole. The bike has a pim 2 electronic fuel manager, may be its too rich? I also had the motion pro revolver throttle that was the same when I bought the back as well as the map I kept throttle cables but installed a odi throttle tube would this cause a different fuel pattern from what the map was set with the specific motion pro throttle cam? 

I feel like running hot carbon build has always been a thing before making changes but the bog out is definitely new. This bike usually starts first kick, but I feel like it’s getting worse.

Let me know what you guys think!


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