Breaking up

My 04 yz450 keeps breaking up in the uper rpm's, it is not real bad but it is noticeable. It also breaks up when coming out of a corner if there is any bad acceleration bumps. It did not start doing this until the ignition cover got hit by another bike. When I replaced the cover there was no visual damage to the internals. It just feels like it is running lean up top. Any ideas been trying to figure it out for a while.

04 YZ450

03 YZ450

03 XR50

inspect the wireing at the stator, through the cases and up the frame. Make sure they are intact. If the cover took a hit hard enough to break, then I would look extremely close at the stator, making sure nothing is bent, touching, cracked or ???

All I can offer for suggestions outside of doing Ohms tests may show something, the Manual should explain what is spec and how to test

If the crash started the problem then it might be related. The best way to know for sure is to find a "good buddy" with the same bike and see if he will let you borrow his stator for a quick test.

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