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250XC-W Simplified harness re-wire help

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Hi Guys,

Recently picked up a 2013 250 xcw. Thing had been rode hard and, put up wet for a couple years! Turned into more of a project than I was expecting$$$.

After switching down to 125s many years ago, pretty stoked to have a "real" bike for trails. However, being 64 and, 145lbs, weight is a big deal for me. Guys I ride with (or, behind!) are A/AA riders. So, ditched everything I could. No more starter, lights, ect.. Bike is now 13lbs lighter!😃

But, my Superman cape is still at the cleaners. Not quite sure how to complete the wiring. This is my first KTM and, have not been able to snag a manual yet. Unable to find a useful schematic. Do not want to fry my CDI by trial and, error! Just replaced all bearings and, put a fresh top end in. Plastic arrived today. But, she no go bang (brap) yet. Jones'n to ride!!!

Here are pics showing where I stopped. For the record, I have successfully built a complete harness for a 4cyl street bike but, had a manual. I ditched rectifier since no battery, no lights. Yellow and, white wires from stator went to all that. Blk/wht wire from kill may or, may not go into blk/ylw but, seemed logical.

The answer is simple but, beyond me, at the moment. Will some astute individual please clear the fog from me eyes?

Most definitely worth many cold adult beverages if you live in Western Washington!😉

Please, no guessing.

Thank you all in advance! Cheers!20200625_133605.thumb.jpg.489ffdbbd3e3e06a64d23ec99c82a3c8.jpg




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