PSI Big Air Carburetor

Has anyone tried PSI's big air carburetor ont heir yammer-hammers? It sounds kinda cool and I'd like being able to change jetting by turning a few screws, kinda like an R/C car. :thumbsup:

Looks sweet!!

that thing has been around for 4 years or so. I have yet to hear ANYTHING on it... :thumbsup:

One of the racer's who traveled to Florida for the mini-o's with us picked one up for his KX65, well his father did. They found gains everywhere. The PSI people selling it there at the races worked with them to get the jetting spot on (nice, knowledgable folks). The little fella went faster than he ever had before and was literally scaring himself (this bike already had lots of engine work and was most likely in need of a larger carb already) . After a season with it now, gettting used to it, he is on another level, giving 85's fits.

They were just starting to develop the 4 stroke carbs last November. I am suprised to see them out already.

If you race where there are large temperature changes during the course of a day these carbs can be an area you can get good gains. Keeping your jetting spot on throughout the course of those temperature changes is something you have to educate yourself on though. Keeping it perfect is a subtle art.WE have all felt those moments when the motor feels just right and extra crisp. Then next moto you are wondering &%$#@!? The simplicity of being able to adjust jet sizes without taking the carb off is very slick. Probably a good deal for mainly intermediate and expert riders.

Does this carb use the stock TPS?

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