Used FMF Power Core IV for sale

I have a used FMF Power Core IV for sale. It is aluminum/stainless and is in generally good shape. It came extra with my bike when I bought it used and I never mounted it. $100/negotiable

is it for a 400 426 or 450? how many db's does it put out? I might be interested in buying it

My bike is a '00 WR 400. I never mounted it, but I'm told that it is loud but makes good power; best used for MX, closed course or open riding areas. I believe that it will fit either a 400 or 426. It came with an extra YZ fender so it might be a YZ model. Since you are in PA I will give a refund in case you are unhappy. I live in the Monroeville area (suburb of Pittsburgh) if you are interested. The only defect that I am aware of is a SMALL dent in the outer cover. (approximate size of the tip of your pinky finger) PM or e-mail if interested. Thanks for the reply.

Is it S/A? Is it the type 2 with the replacable end cap? If it is not then I had one on my '99 yz400 and it put out 110 db. It is pretty loud but man it sounds good.

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