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‘07 RM125, fork lug conversion, ‘18 RM-Z250

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Hey this is probably a silly question, but can I just swap the fork lugs (send them out probably) so I could use ‘18 RMZ kyb forks or even just like some showa tc from ‘07 rmz? (maybe extra set of triple clamps needed)

I don’t really want to swap the whole front end, wheel, caliper, triple clamps, etc

was just hoping to pick up some lightly used newer forks, anything from showa tc to the newer kyb air, mainly looking for the forks to have wear rings, hi/low comp, hi/low rebound, maybe even external preload adjustment, and have them resprung/valved for the 125, and just have the fork lugs swapped / aftermarket or modified triple clamps

Wondering what options are out there which would have additional tuning adjustments, the extent they would need modification to be compatible with the stock rm equipment, i was thinking/assuming that if i was buying A kit that the distributor would just be able to source the lugs and clamps to adapt to this bike

i’ve read the newer shocks might bolt up but if that was not the case would it be possible to source a kit clevis to match the linkage on the rm?

does anyone know what options are out there ? 

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