Options on Heat Sheild

I know I can go out and spend about $40 on a stock heat sheild for my pipe but I really don't like the look of it either. I would try to find a decent used one if I had too.

Are there any other options for my bike? (see below)

TIA :thumbsup:

Do you have stock header? I have a D&D full system on my 00 426, and I wrapped the header with the header tape and just used regular clamps to hold the ends. It works great. Keeps the pants from burning, and, in my opinion looks pretty decent.


I finally bit the bullet and ordered a header pipe guard from E-line. It's $89-$99 but it's carbon fiber so it'll look pretty cool and I'll finally be rid of that ugly bent up stock piece of cr**. I'm hoping it'll be sitting beside my door when I get home from work tonight.

I use a Carbon Fiber unit by Shogun. It's a direct replacement for the stock 450 heat shield. I mounted on my Pro Circuit header.


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