02' YZ426 Carb on 99' YZ400???

Due to my "popping" YZ 400 post below...

A buddy of mine who replaced his OEM 426 carb lent me his...Will the 426 carb work on my 99' YZ400? I noticed the red hot start knob is ON the 426 carb...

It is a way to see if my popping problem is the carb or something else...His carb is clean & mint...

Thanks for the feedback!

The Carb will work, but somehow I think there is a difference in the cables though it could be some difference in the grip. Just carefully check to prevent a wild ride. Also it would be best to leave the oem hotstart intact or remove it entirely and be sure to plug the airbox airboot.


Exactly right PMK...

The cables need to be changed...But the pull one works...Just not the push one...

The bike runs GREAT! No probs there at all...


Mark Z.

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