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HT Battery Box fitment question

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Can anyone confirm if the HT oversize Battery Box (and Battery...) will fit on an SM model with 150/70-17 TKC80?

The HT site indicates it has only been tested with "stock" tires, the 120/90-18 of the S and E models.   


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5 hours ago, Gary in NJ said:

I'm just curious, with LiFePO4 batteries that are 2/3 the size, 1/2 the weight and usually more capable, why would you need such a battery box? The battery I have in my DRZ is the size of 3 packs of playing cards.

I guess I am kind of an old school guy.  You got to admit, that is a tiny battery.  While LiFePO4  and it's ilk are indeed way lighter, I have become used to the ...robustness and failure modes of AGM and similar batteries.

Just my $0.02 - don't want to do battle:

When an AGM battery fails, you usually get warning.  With Li and its ilk, nada.  It was working fine... now it doesn't.   The discharge graph shows it clearly:

While a superb benefit in say, an off-the-grid system - where LI's allow regular discharge to 80% instead of 50%, our dino powered motos are not used in this manner - yet.  I install a voltmeter on every vehicle I own.  When voltage drops below the norm, you know it almost immediately - if you are paying attention. As opposed to continuing to ride further out when something electrical has (unknown to you) failed (like an alternator belt on a BMW, an alternator on a Wing, a charge controller on a Suzuki, and a Zener diode on an old-school Triumph twin - all real occurrences) and having to walk (miles) back.  

Reading manufacturer's literature, the application of LI batteries should avoid heat and vibration.  Not as much nowadays, as I have recently read; but I live in the desert - heat and vibration are a major player in every ride. 

Last, I already own several chargers - and all of them (trickle, 3-stage, burst, starting) work on all my bikes, depending upon what I'm doing.

Never ask an engineer why... 🙂

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