If you have a son/daughter that's into peewee/mini racing, please be careful if you are dealing with this guy (a friend introduced him to me). I ordered some piston kit, gaskets, etc. for my son's King Cobra TWO MONTHS ago and the guy told me to send him a money order (which I did..). After two weeks of waiting for the parts, I called him up and he told me the package was lost in the mail and he's going to call cobra (it was a drop shipment, supposedly) and re-order the parts. Then after another two weeks, still no package. So, i called cobra and asked them if this guy really ordered those parts from them and guess what??? HE NEVER PLACED THAT ORDER. I called him up again, told him I spoke with a guy from cobra and that was the time when he finally made the order BUT half of the parts are still MISSING and cobra said that was the only stuff he ordered for me...and he STOPPED calling me since, I keep on leaving him messages but to no avail.Is it a rip-off???? I'm not trying to discredit this guy but

I'm just warning everybody to be careful when dealing with him. He was with Planet Peewee before, he's name is DAVID(DAVE) DUCHAINE from Riverview, Florida.Tel. No.(813) 365 0228, (813) 741 3733. BE CAREFUL, GUYS!!!!!!!!

thanks for the info. i hate when moto guys are shady. :thumbsup:

thanks for the info. i hate when moto guys are shady. :awww:

Mx'ers are never shady, this jerk just does'nt qualify to be called a moto guy. :thumbsup:

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