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125 two stroke or 250 four stroke?

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I have done some basic trail riding and was thinking about getting a MX bike and I’ve had some people tell me to get a 125 two stroke but others have told me to get a 250 four stroke... recommendations? 

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Depends, are you a decent mechanic (or know one)? No = 125, yes = 250

Do you want to be the fastest guy/girl out there? No = 125, yes = 250

Are you skilled with the clutch and gearbox? No = 250, yes = 125

Are you fit? No = 250, yes = 125

Lastly do you want to have the biggest smile ever? No = 250, yes = 125.

Basically the 250s are both faster and easier to ride, but you pay for that with maintenance, they are a bit trickier than a 2 stroke. A 125 is a lot harder to ride flat out, but they are so much fun the extra effort is well worth it in My opinion.

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