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Wr450f Starter Issues/Noob Carborated Bike Problems

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So, just went out and bought a wr450f, had the guy start it ran fine, all seemed, well, got home, rode it around, went to stop, stopped, and then did something to stall the bike. Went back to start it, wouldn't work turn over with the electric start, tried to kick it, clicking sound and flashing dash, gave up on it for a bit, assumed I flooded the engine, went back out, Did the standard deflood engine procedure, messed with the idle settings a bit, got it back running, sounded a bit louder than before, let it run for a good 10 mins, instant stall upon release of clutch, and then couldn't start it again for the rest of the night


Normally I wouldn't ask for help here but i'm assuming i'm just doing some dumb shit because I have 0 clue how to ride a carbonated dirt bike, Yes i'm using the peacock, Yes i'm starting it in neutral, yes the clutch is held in when I try to start it, What obviousness am I missing?


edit:Its a 2006 btw

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2 hours ago, Jens Eskildsen said:

Did you use the hotstart lever when starting?

Yes I did, I tried every starting combo that includes the electric starter, the kick, the choke, the peacock, nothing at all except backfires. At this point i'm thinking I must of flooded the sparkplugs idk what else could of caused the bike to completely not start electric or kick.

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