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My Little Slice of Heaven

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Good evening to everyone and I wish only health and happiness in these strange times. 
So this is my first time reaching out to a public forum on more of a information collection basis than a specific question. 

I own a number of KTM’s and the beta here is indispensable. 

So I live and work in the breadbasket of México. About two hours North of Mexico City, and ninety minutes South of Querétaro City. For the past five years I’ve been tracking world class routes through the mountains here and am finally ready to start a dirt bike touring business. 
I am collecting Six Day edition 300 XC-W’s so all folks have to do is bring their gear and they can ride. 
World Class single track, mountain passes, dirt roads, and wide open prairie, anything and everything. 
Just trust me please.... my collection of friends who visit from the Northeast of the US cry out in exclamation at how beautiful my part of Mexico is. 10,000 feet in elevation and 75 degrees every day. No shit. Like the San Diego of México, but all open fields and dairy’s. This part of Central México is super safe and absolutely gorgeous. 
I now have a rock climbing guide service and climbing school and really want to bring in the bikes as climbing and toolin’ around are my two favorite activities. 
So anyone reading this ever gone somewhere as a destination to ride? Colorado, Arizona, or international?? 
Did you find the trip exceptional? 
If you did was the guide exceptional? Was the total experience something you will never forget? 
This is what myself and my guides provide rock climbing. ‘Experiences of a Lifetime’ is my catch slogan and we put out. 
Www.SouthernXposure.com.mx if you want to take a look at the area. This is not phishing..... The climbing I have solid. But to be able to live the dream climbing, AND riding??!!! You have to dream before it can be reality. Plus my insurance for climbing will cover the riding! This helps spread out the costs. 
So if anyone reading this has positive input or solid beta on how their trip could have been better I would be psyched to learn more.  
Thanks for reading my post. I hope each and every person has an opportunity to get out and twist the throttle soon!








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