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I own a 1994 trx300ex that i bought used for $500 it needed a new carburetor and it had 25" tires on it and a few exterior things that weren't mechanical and the gaskets are going bad it sat for most of its life. I currently have a k&n air filter on it, a blackbox rpm limit increaser by 1000, a new carburetor that was around $100 couldn't afford oem lol, And some 20" itp holeshots. But its never had the torque and its always had a problem with bogging out when i push the throttle to fast it still is super fast and its also had a problem with top speed its never been able to go as fast as my friends on their 250ex's or 300ex's with the 25"s i was able to go 55 no higher and when i got the 20"s i was stuck under 50 in the 40's i took it to a friend and he played with it and said my main jet was to small so i bought a jet one size bigger and it barely got better in torque and it lowered a little in top speed a little ive been playing with it constantly i do hear a little ticking from my valves but it started happening recently and im just trying to figure out why its not getting the top speed. i think it has stock sprockets. Ive heard and done some research that the the stock top speed is around 55 with 22"s from factory. I really would like some help because i need to keep up with my friends on their dirtbikes lol and i cant afford anything bigger or sell this quad unless its running good. The carburetor has no dirt in it is a new carb and i recently opened it and cleaned it.

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