how long for a synthetic Oil change?

when I was using dino oil I did my changes at 150 to 200 miles can I now go longer without a change with synthetic oils and what is the best oil to use. I use 10w -30 and live in Portland Or. weather is 50 - 100 deg. and rains alot. :thumbsup:

I go 800-1000 miles or more on synth.... :thumbsup:

I used dino oil for 250-300 miles or 5 rides max. It's mostly trail riding, I would probably change my oil/ filter at the same interval for the semi-synthetic blend I'm going to run.

it's mainly clutch contamination that kills the oil, so be it mineral or synth, change at the same time. I change at 400Km max

I change at about 650km. I can feel my trannny is getting different and this means the oil is for change

What these guys said. I run synth and I don't care if it is synth or not... about 200 miles or so and I dump it. I guess that is becasue I do not run the synth oil to make the change interval longer but to provide superior lube for the engine and better thermal characteristics. You only need a quart plus a little so the price is not an issue either... just my 2 cents.

How often are you guys doing the screens in the frame?

Do you find much gunk. I havent got there yet.


I check mine every few changes. I have not found anything it it yet. But I know if I quit looking it will clog... :thumbsup:

I change mine every 200 miles. It is only 1100cc and with the Scotts filter, oil is a low cost item. I stopped checking the screen on the frame. I have not found a single particle in it after about six oil changes. I do use a magnetic case plug and I always get a little on that.


where do you get a magnetic case plug or do they come that way?

I change my oil after every race and at least every 100 miles otherwise.

Have been doing that for years on all the bikes I've ridden. In the past I did run some very expensive Synthetic oil, but I realized after a while I just throwing my money away because I changed it so often. I use the exact oil that Yamaha recommends so that if something oil related occurs to the engine, I can say "Hey, I was using Yamalube!"

I check the screen in the frame every three oil changes (have yet to find anything on it) and I change my filter every 3-4 oil changes depending on the length of races or type of riding.

I would like to get a magnetic plug. I had one on my XR600's but rarely found anything on it . . .

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